Vintage Santas

Newly released original oil paintings and giclees of the old world Santa Claus, often available in one-of-a-kind vintage frames.  See my collection of vintage Santas that will create an "instant magical Christmas" in your home!..


 Antique Framed Giclee no.17

 Antique Framed Giclee no.18

 Antique Framed Giclee no.19

 Antique Framed Giclee no.20

 Antique Framed Giclee no.21

 Antique Framed Giclee no.22

 SOLD Antique Framed Giclee no.16

 The Twinkly Eyed Santa-  Giclees

 The Twinkly Eyed Santa - Giclees

Santa on his long Journey - Giclees

Giclees in Vintage Frames

Large Giclees on Canvas

Santa One

Santa two

Santa 3

— polar express

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