about the artist

Painting is my passion and has taken over my life in a big way. 

My background is a hodgepodge of art and design, including a degree in Interior Design with extensive art training and apprenticeship. My work as a freelance artist and draftswoman catapulted me into a career in Advertising & Marketing.

Circling back to my childhood obsession, I'm creating art again. Yay! ...and working harder than I ever imagined. What thrills me is creating paintings that evoke emotion and transform a space.

My painting style is born from using a palette knife...

often more about the paint application itself rather than the subject matter, by using a dominant treatment or combination of layers, thick texture and bold strokes.

The subjects can be as random as my favorite antique sugar bowl or the endless space and energy of a landscape. Often I get obsessed with the emotional aspect, painting a certain subject a certain way. Right now, I am trying to capture the romance of flowers, the open feeling of abstracted horizons... and, yes, occasionally, the personality of a cow.

— Pablo Picasso

“Art washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life.”